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Surrogate motherhood


Substitute motherhood

Nowadays, the concept of sterility becomes more common and, besides, is understood as the practical problem for many family couples. Sterility makes marriages collapse and results in heavy psychological consequences. The goal of construction of an adequate, strong family and transfer of one’s life experience to next generations turns out to be practically unattainable.

Sterile family couples often face a limited choice, which the modern society suggests: to adopt a child from outside or not to raise children at all. Having passed through a long unsuccessful treatment and visited a number of medical institutions, having applied every traditional and untraditional method, but not having attained the expected result, an sterile couple starts distrusting people around and losing hope.

Such couples are in need of competent and professional aid and human support. Childless couples may enlist support of the Surrogate Motherhood Center personnel whose principal task is to assist infertile families in granting them happiness of parenthood.

Daily meetings are arranged by our Center between genetic parents and surrogate mothers – the two parties being in need of each other. Substitute mothers whose top-priority goal is to help infertile couples take care of a child at the prenatal stage. Besides, they help their own children by assisting would-be parents in making their dream true. During the substitute pregnancy period a surrogate mother is afforded an opportunity to devote more time to her own family, since she can afford to stay at home. In this case, money remuneration a substitute mother is entitled to should sooner be treated as fair compensation and gratitude for her effort than the profit-making arrangement. Substitute services are provided by women who are ready, both physically and psychologically to carry a child for a family.       

The personnel of the Surrogate Motherhood Center are ready to provide support for you throughout your whole surrogacy program. Our goal is to create harmonic relationship between an infertile couple and a substitute mother who carries a baby for such couple. The high professional level of the personnel of the Surrogate Motherhood Center along with their readiness to afford adequate assistance make an invariable component of each substitute mother program. 

Our prime mover is the wish to give aid to an infertile couple with the financial factor being only recognized as an unavoidable condition of it. Indeed, to be able to keep a staff of the highly skilled employees, one should pay for their services, since much time and effort are spent to make the dream of an sterile couple come true. The cost of the services provided by the Surrogate Motherhood Center is reduced to its minimum and mainly covers the need to maintain its optimum effectiveness.

To be in the forefront is the challenging task. It is a commonly known fact that any new initiative brings about hostile attitudes, although with time becomes an important part of our daily life. The advanced processes run in the sphere of reproduction give raise to barrage of argument and dispute. However, the genuine value is represented by such aspects of our life where it appears impossible to share the same opinions and follow recommendations from the outside. These are the aspects of love, family happiness and raising children.

We all seek to express ourselves in our children, to take proper care of them from the very first days of their life. We all have the right to do it. Our wish to share our love with a child, to give our child daily support and care is the most important thing in life.

The Surrogate Motherhood Center is ready to do everything in our power to make you a happy parent!    


The infertility problem or people’s incapability to have children and to continue their family line is known from ancient time. The idea of substitute motherhood  goes back to those times as well.

The first case of surrogate motherhood in the Old Testament (The Book of Genesis, 16) so long ago as two thousand years before Christ, when a maidservant Hagar was attracted as a substitute mother to bear an Abrahan’s child, as his wife Sarah could not become pregnant.

Many similar cases of solving the infertility problem are known: bondmaids and concubines were used as surrogate mothers in many countries all over the world.

Of course, at that time the so-called “ traditional surrogacy - substitute motherhood ” only was possible where the customer father and the substitute mother herself were the genetic parents, and the fertilization was conducted in a natural way.

The first successful in vitro artificial fertilization with subsequent extracorporeal fertilization took place in England in 1978 resulting in birth of famous Louise Brown, the first in vitro child!

Use of extracorporeal fertilization, bearing and birth by a substitute mother of a child fully genetically alien to her (gestational or full surrogate motherhood first succeeded in USA in 1986.

More than two million in vitro children were born in the world during 30 years that passed after Louise Brown birth. This means that more than two millions of families managed to overcome the infertility problem, become the parents of beloved and longed-for children and have the successors and continuers of their family traditions!


Surrogacy in Ukraine

In Ukraine the start of introduction of methods of supporting reproductive medicine was given in eighties of the preceding century. It was Kharkov where the extracorporeal fertilization method was for the first time successfully applied in Ukraine, and thanks to use of extracorporeal fertilization there was born in 1991 a girl named Katy.

Kharkov was also the first in CIS countries to realize the surrogacy (substitute motherhood) Program. Above 400 in vitro children were born in Kharkov just during last ten years.


Surrogacy today

The medical constituent of the substitute motherhood program has been intensely developing for all these years and now it is being realized at the highest technological level – now physicians need not take 600 attempts of the extracorporeal fertilization, which were taken to make possible birth of Louise Brown. The legal constituent of the substitute motherhood Program remains so far insufficiently settled in many countries.

For example, substitute motherhood is prohibited by law in Austria, Germany, Norway, Sweden, France and some states of the USA. Attraction of surrogate mothers for infertility treatment is not governed by law at all in Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Finland, though it is practiced.

Some countries only allow non-commercial substitute motherhood when the substitute mother gets no fee, and advertising of surrogacy motherhood and search for substitute mothers are prohibited. Such is the legislation of Australia, the UK, Denmark, Israel, Spain, Canada, the Netherlands and some states of the USA.

Non-commercial substitute motherhood is more acceptable for those couples who have to advert to artificial fertilization methods since the services of reproduction clinics are rather expensive. And at the same time anyone has a right to satisfy his or her interests, so a substitute mother has a right for gratitude for her help.

Kharkov surrogacy motherhood center tries to find a balance between the interests of all the participants of the program, so the fee to the substitute mothers chosen by our Center is not too high, though expected; the families having no sufficient means are financed partially or fully at the expense of charity programs of our .

Use of substitute mothers, including commercial-base one, is allowed by law in the majority of states of the USA, the Republic of South Africa, Russian Federation, Georgia and Ukraine.

Our country has the most perfect legislation relating to surrogacy motherhood, insemination and sperm and ova donation, as well as application of other reproductive technologies for infertility treatment. However these legal issues are rather complicated and not many lawyers are good in all the peculiarities of this field.

The specialists of the surrogacy motherhood Center will provide you with legal support, present a reliable information on all the aspects of the Substitute Motherhood Program, control organizational problems, psychological state of the program participants, propose choice of potential substitute mothers and create comfortable and reliable conditions for infertility treatment by extracorporeal fertilization and gestational surrogacy motherhood methods.


Substitute mother. Obligatory Requirements

The requirements for substitute mother:

She must be a woman of the age of 18 to 35, preferably having her own child or several children. If a substitute mother is married, her husband shall give a certified written consent for participation in the extracorporeal fertilization program.

An additional and very important requirement for potential substitute mother is her moral and psychological stability, absence of criminal past and medical parameters.

Our surrogacy motherhood center is always ready to offer you the Substitute Mothers Database, with consideration of your individual wishes.


Surrogate Mother. Possible Ways of Search for surrogate mothers

  • You may ask your relatives (your sister, mother) or some good friend of yours to serve you as a substitute mother . This way is the safest one for the extracorporeal fertilization program, but unfortunately it is not always real.
  • You may search for substitute mother at mass media (announcements, newspapers, Internet).

However, this way can be connected with a number of serious problems, in particular:

1.    First, giving the announcement at some newspaper in your native city: "I am looking for a substitute mother", is not an easy task in itself, many advertising agencies receiving announcements will refuse to receive your announcement without explaining the reason for such refusal.

2.    Second, in many cases people ringing up in response to such an announcement just do not understand the meaning of substitute mother term due to little information available on this issue.

3.    Third, you have no information on the person with which you are going to discuss such a serious and delicate theme as substitute motherhood Program. The extracorporeal fertilization topic comprises too confidential information to be discussed with a stranger.

4.    Fourth, it is better to find the substitute mother in other regions and cities, or even other countries, to provide maximum confidentiality in relation to this issue.

We advise you to contact the professionals and transfer them all the responsibility for solution of the substitute motherhood problem by extracorporeal fertilization program.

The specialists of the surrogacy motherhood Center will provide you with legal support, present a reliable information on all the aspects of the substitute motherhood program, control organizational problems, psychological state of the program participants, propose choice of potential substitute mothers and create comfortable and reliable conditions for infertility treatment by extracorporeal fertilization and gestational surrogacy motherhood methods.

Certainly, it is the decision of yours which of the methods you should choose. We wish you to achieve the desirable result, become happy parents and GET YOUR SO DEAR KID!








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